Pee Pad Training Tips

Here at Petit Minou, we initiate Pee Pad training. Keeping in consideration the age, puppies are not 100% trained. We would like to share some of our Potty training tips to continue the pee pad training at home.

Potty training a new puppy  can be difficult if you don't know what to do, but there are several tips you can use to help your puppy go potty at the right place.

Use More Than 1 Pee Pad

When a puppy arrives to a new home, the puppy might be confused as it is not accustomed to its new space. The first week is crucial to continue the pee pad training that we have started and consistency is the key. Make sure to lay a couple of pee pads at strategic areas in the house where the puppy plays.

Use an Odour Attractant

Let your puppy walk on the pee pads and sniff them. A good way to make sure to keep your puppy on track with pee pad training during the first week is to use an odour attractant spray on the pee pads. The idea is to start with the odour attractant spray on the first day of your puppy's arrival and by the end of the week to stop using it. The odour attractant spray is just to bring back your puppy on track with pee pad training after a new transition from one place to the other. 

Praise and Reward

Always praise the puppy when it goes on a pee pad and reward it with a treat. It is important to find treats that your puppy likes. Soft chicken liver treats are liked by most puppies but it is truly a question of taste. Finding the right treat is key because the puppy will work for it. 


Consistency is key with pee pad training. Keep your puppy on a regular schedule. This will make it easier to anticipate when your puppy may need to go.

Training Mistakes to Avoid

Do not encourage your puppy to pull or chew on the pee pad, eat or play on the pee pad. This may confuse your puppy on what the purpose of the pee pad is.

Do not move the pee pad until your puppy knows what it is for and goes on it consistently.