We will forever take your back and our puppy's back. From our 1 year health guarantee to our extensive dog experience, in all aspects of care, we are here for you. 



We are committed to the pups we breed. With our high breeding standards and exceptional puppy care, we go the extra mile to ensure sending home a well rounded, well groomed and well behaved puppy. Our puppies are born at our kennel in South Korea and are handled by us and our care nannies from the moment they are born. Immediate hand rearing provides an advantage in both temperament and intelligence. We work hard to ensure pee pad training is well established prior to the puppy's travel date. Continue to follow our Pee Pad Training Tips to make transitioning a breeze. 



We intend to offer quality puppies at an affordable price. Many factors mark up the price of a puppy : breeder's fee, pet shop fee, and reseller fee. We, as the breeders, deliver your puppy from the source at a competitive price. 


We take the utmost care adhering to the IATA Live Animals Regulations when it comes to our puppies travelling. We make sure that there is food and water attached to the crate with food and water access during the puppy's flight. Our mission has always been to safely deliver your puppy in a humane way by following the strict rules and regulations set by IATA. 



We closely monitor our puppies' health prior to the puppy's travel date. Each puppy is health checked by our vet and 2 governmental vets, one from the country of departure and the other one from the country of arrival (at point of entry). If there is the slightest issue with the health of the puppy prior to travel, we will transparently notify you and cancel the adoption. We give the adopter the chance to choose another puppy or get a full refund.


Not every dog gets a chance to live a good life or to find a good home. At Petit Minou we give back to help dogs in need. 10% of our net profit is allocated and donated to dog shelters around the world. 


Puppy scams is at an all time high. Before paying and falling for a scam, take a deep breath, think and follow these simple steps to take when thinking of adopting a puppy online.

Always use a company's verified contact list.

Always ask for a live video call with the puppy you are interested in.

Always ask as many questions by directly calling the company and speaking with someone on the phone.

Always pay with a credit card as most credit card providers cover you in case of fraud.

Always do your research and take your time before deciding to pay for a puppy.


Your puppy will be shipped to an International Airport closest to you where a direct pet cargo flight is available within 6 to 8 weeks (depending on the destination) only when the final payment on your puppy is completed and confirmed. 

Transportation cost by Pet Cargo is free of charge to the following mentioned airports:    

LAX, JFK, LAS, DFW, SFO, MIA, YYZ (CANADA) and YVR (CANADA). For all other airports and destinations please ask for our personal inflight nanny service. 

We deliver to DXB (Dubai), DOH (Qatar) and KWI (Kuwait) for additional $1500 pet cargo fee.